The Humane League

Budget (2022): $20.8 million

Headquarters: Rockville, MD

CEO: Vicky Bond

CEO Compensation: $158,218

Background and Goals

Founded in 2005, The Humane League is an animal liberation group whose agenda is to make the world vegan. Despite its name, it has pursued its advocacy in an inhumane fashion, leading to restraining orders against the group. 

The Humane League has grown into a multi-million dollar organization thanks to generous donors such as George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Open Philanthropy Project. 

Activism Methods 

Like Mercy for Animals, The Humane League has received millions of dollars from the Open Philanthropy Project to fund astroturf corporate campaigns. The Project has directed nearly $50 million to The Humane League since 2016. 

The Humane League organizes protests and online actions to pressure food companies into making pledges to change their animal protein supply chains. The group also has a history of in-person interactions about veganism at concerts, festivals, and colleges.