Think Tank for
Animals and the Planet

Center for the Environment and Welfare was founded to help consumers, companies, and stakeholders navigate issues related to sustainability and animal welfare.

Corporations today face mounting pressure to implement responsible environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, from net-zero carbon commitments to humane certification labels on animal products.

But what is truly good policy, and what is window dressing?

Center for the Environment and Welfare evaluates the policies, proposals, and major players in the crowded sustainability and animal welfare space, using cutting-edge research and science to recommend best practices that actually make a difference.


Activist Groups

Who can you trust?

Advocacy groups continue to lobby corporations and lawmakers to promote sustainability and animal welfare policies. But it can be difficult for stakeholders and the general public to separate credible organizations from bad actors.

Unfortunately, many of today’s most visible and trusted activist groups promote misinformation in the pursuit of self-interest, leading companies and legislators to implement ineffective—and often counterproductive—policies.

Check out Center for the Environment and Welfare’s activist profiles below to learn more about the major players in the sustainability and animal welfare space.